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Additive and premix of technological additives for animal feed

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Additive and premix of technological additives for animal feed

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100% Natural & Healthy Milk

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Get the best results for your pet

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Get the best results for your pet


The objective of Innotox Company is to always maintain the high quality of our products and thus guarantee their functionality. That is why we are dedicated to the research and development of the components we use.

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Gyan Prakash

My pets are healthy than before and they eat food properly. My cows are giving much milk as compared to before. Overall my experience is very good with this product.

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Dinesh Upadhyay

We were searching for our pet's health care and we went to many doctors but I got this great product and i got perfect results. This is a highly recommended Product.

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Anju Yadav

I was worried about my pet's health and was searching for the best care. I got a perfect solution in form of the best product. the result was very nice and satisfactory.


  • Constant research and development to develop new products.
  • Ecologically clean and high quality raw materials.
  • The use of the latest technology in the production process, in accordance with European standards.
  • Since we are direct manufacturers, this gives us added value and an advantage to be competitive in this sector.